Why did I launch Locate to Create? With my mum previously owning a vintage interior shop, I guess you could say ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. This is partially true, but the main reason I fell in love with vintage props was due to their ability to add personality and unique touches to any event. No vintage item is ever the same and I really believe that every event deserves to be a truly bespoke experience.

My desire is to source and make props that you wouldn’t usually expect or associate with events and items that are difficult to source or make yourself. This really helps our client’s events stand out from the rest. I feel very passionate about making each event unique and exciting and I work very closely with each client to ensure this.

I absolutely love being creative and trying innovative ideas (one of the best things about my job). Using unique props encourages me to think outside the box and reuse items not for their specific design purpose. Why not turn a vintage drinks trolley into a cake table or dessert station? By using vintage pieces, we are both recycling and up-cycling, which is also great for our environment.

I am extremely proud of the portfolio of props that we have and not a week goes by when we don’t add to our collection. We specialise in vintage, boho and rustic props, but also have more modern, glitzy and festival props that we feel enhance our collection to create a full range of complete styles for you to choose from.