Locate to Create is a family run business with a passion for locating unique and quirky items to help create bespoke events and experiences. At Locate to Create we have an eclectic portfolio of items and furniture pieces that will tell a unique and individual story at your event.

We pride ourselves on being an alternatively quirky and unique prop hire and styling company who does not merely offer an online inventory of items but who liaise closely with clients offering a personalised service bringing visions and ideas to reality.  By combining both our Prop Hire Service and Styling Service we are continuously building on our ability to create bespoke immersive events and experiences.

We have styled and provided props for weddings, photo shoots, birthday parties and corporate events. We have worked with venues local to us in Kent and Nation Wide including, The Natural History Museum, Banqueting House, Hayne House Kent, Elmore Court, Gloustershire.

We specialize in and are truly obsessed with all things vintage, rustic and boho. We love colour and festival vibes, but equally embrace rich shades and muted tones.

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